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STREET BEAT – WNDU- Two more arrested in Carjacking October 1, 2009

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courtesy WNDU

courtesy WNDU

WNDU has reported that two more suspects were arrested, bringing a total of all five suspects in the carjacking, armed robbery and criminal confinement of two Holy Cross students from Sept. 25th. As the officer who initiated the traffic stop of the suspect vehicle initially, for simply failing to dim headlights, which led to a high speed pursuit, a hit and run crash, and the suspects all fleeing on foot, I want to say that this is truly a group effort amongst officers.

From the original stop, the at scene efforts of 3rd Detail officers who came to assist, initially located and identified a possible suspect in the area was an outstanding example of team effort. The follow up by detectives assigned to the case, who worked with banks, BMV records, and other information obtained during the investigation, and the assistance of other detectives and officers in tracking down and arresting those involved is a perfect example of what it means to truly work as a team.

A lot of times this effort can go unnoticed, as may be the case with ‘lower profile’ cases. From having been there firsthand, and from getting daily updates on the investigation progress, I can say it is highly impressive to learn how everyone involved on the case came together to work and pitch in to track down ultimately five persons charged as involved in this incident.

Most importantly, everyone is okay. Great job to all officers and persons involved for the work you do!