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Are you ready for a winter weather emergency while in your vehicle? December 15, 2010

Posted by southbendpolice in In The News.
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Some people on area highways recently found out the hard way how difficult and dangerous it can be if stranded on the highway. Even if you are an excellent driver and have a reliable 4-wheel drive vehicle, circumstances beyond your control can leave you in your car for hours. Drifting snow can lead to a chain-reaction of hopelessly buried vehicles. In a driving situation like that, you are really at the mercy of the most poorly equipped vehicle sharing the road with you. When that vehicle fails, you could be in for a long wait.

Everyone should have a winter emergency kit in their car. That consists of blankets, non-perishable food (that won’t freeze solid), hand and foot warmers and an extra layer of clothing. Also, don’t let yourself or your young driver leave the house in bad weather without a fully charged cell phone and plenty of gas in the tank.