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Quick 3: Ask A Cop December 8, 2009

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Q: Does the South Bend Police Department teach a D.A.R.E. program?

A: The SBPD DARE program is no longer offered in SBCSC schools. Budget and staffing issues eliminated the program approximately 9 years ago.

Q: I would like to know what trouble the city of South Bend and surrounding areas has ever had with biker gangs, clubs and
organizations. Some clubs have a negative stigma about them and have been linked to crimes in northern Indiana in the past.  I would like to note that this question doesn’t mean to generalize all biker gangs as trouble makers, because I know a lot of them out there are good people.

A: Locally the Hells Angels is the only outlaw biker club with an established local clubhouse.  There have not been any significant events with “outlaw” biker gangs in recent years.  It is said that many “outlaw” Motorcycle clubs (MC)s are known to be involved in many illegal criminal enterprises.  This can be true at times, however much of this is club and/or chapter dependent.

Q: What are certain restrictions on carrying a rifle/shotgun in a personal vehicle.  Can it be loaded, do you need a permit to have it loaded.  What is Indiana’s definition of “long gun?”

A: No state permit is required for the possession of a rifle or shotgun in Indiana. There is no specific law regulations on weapons being unloaded or not also.  It is unlawful to possess a firearm on school property, property used for a school function, or a school bus. (Note that this prohibition shall not apply to a person who may legally possesses a firearm and possess the firearm in a motor vehicle while transporting another person to or from school or a school function.)  Handguns are regulated by Weapons Carry permits issued through the IN State Police.