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Beware of Counterfeit Money November 27, 2009

Posted by southbendpolice in Crime Prevention, In The News, News Releases.
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The South Bend Police Department has seen an increase in both the quantity and quality of counterfeit U.S. currency in recent weeks. At one large retail location within the last three weeks, the SBPD was summoned and presented with five counterfeit $100.00 bills that eluded detection until it was too late. The highest quality bills are produced by a method in which a real U.S. $10.00 bill is washed until the ink is gone, then the paper is passed through a high quality printer rendering a counterfeit $50 or $100.00 bill. By utilizing this process, the “feel” of the bill is maintained and it will pass the counterfeit detection pen test used by many retail establishments. On the other hand, simply scanning and printing $20.00 bills on a good bond of plain paper is alive and well and these forgeries are still finding their way into cash registers.  
Without a doubt, the best method for merchants and the public to not fall victim to these thieves is by being properly trained in what legitimate bank notes look like. The re-designed U.S. currency makes use of many printing techniques to improve legitimacy however if retail staff or consumers are not aware, these upgrades are useless. There are very few forgeries that will pass most of the tests that the average person can perform on the spot. Detecting forgeries immediately helps law enforcement, consumers and retailers at the same time.
The SBPD urges everyone to be familiar with the elements of legitimate currency. For examples of real U.S. banknotes look here: http://bit.ly/524vf1