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Ask A Cops! June 22, 2010

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Q: Is there any law on the books currently or pending prohibiting animals on the laps on drivers of automobiles? I see this practice increasing with time and I would imagine that the public safety issue that it raises is an important one with regard to reaction times compromised and the animals being startled on the lap of the driver. I have inquired to State Senator Broden’s office about this topic, but have never heard back from his office.

A: Aside from being a distracting and potentially dangerous driving practice, there is currently no state law prohibiting such a practice.

Q: Is there any police involvement when a child is 16 yrs old and in high school but refuses to attend school. If none, any suggestions on who we can contact for help in this matter.

A: I would suggest working with your child’s school leadership, the School Resource Officer assigned to your school, and possible contacting the Juvenile Justice Center (JJC) to speak to staff about completing an “Ungovernable Juvenile: report with the JJC for further follow up.

Q: People come to my house, sometimes as late as midnight, asking for money in exchange for yard cleanup work. When I
tell them no, they’re extremely persistent. I find this disturbing. Should I be calling the police about these people? I don’t want to just call for annoyances, but this creeps me out more than a little bit. What’s the best course of action?

A: Common sense should signal you that a person looking for “work” after dark is likely not a legitimate offer. Often times burglars are casing places by knocking , especially at ‘odd’ hours, to see patterns, such as who is home, if pets are present, routines, the person who answers the door, and possibly to catch a glimpse of what’s inside if you open the door. I suggest to avoid answering the door at all, and refrain from opening the door. If you choose to call the police about this type of suspicious activity, please call our non emergency number (235-9361) to report, and try to obtain a good description of the person or any vehicles that may be involved for officers to make the best attempt to investigate.

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