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Join Us on Facebook/Twitter? March 19, 2010

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Are you one of the hippest 1,311 Facebook users who are Fans of us? No? Get on that right away.

What about the social media enigma known as Twitter? If you Follow Us on Twitter, you can receive our alerts and breaking news as a text on your phone, or just sent to your Twitter page. And we’re brief- never more than 140 characters- we promise. Right now 537 people are cool enough to be Twitter users, and SBPD Followers.

The trend of using social media in the internet isn’t going away soon. In fact it allows people (and places) to be able to connect quickly, and rapidly. Significant events (i.e. “breaking news”, as the media calls it) and announcements are often published to our Twitter feed faster than the media covers them!

And it is only growing. AT SBPD, we are proud to be one of a handful of agencies in the state that connects with you with news, information, and a look at the insides via our Blog, Facebook, and on our Twitter pages. Becoming a fan keeps you informed quickly, when YOU want it, and to see the inner workings of our agency.

In addition, our Ask A Cop feature has been a SouthBendPolice.com feature since 2006! FOUR YEARS of answering your questions… from all over. No, really. I’ve had them from ALL OVER the country!

I appreciate you reading, and following us. I plan on featuring some “Bonus Features” on our Twitter page soon, as a ‘web exclusive’ for you. Check us out! Twitter is evolving, and allows instant news and communication right to your phone, right in your hand, when you need it. And it is a great tool to connect and keep in touch with friends, contacts, and a police department, right in your community…

Thanks for being a part!

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