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Thank you for the Thank You! March 18, 2010

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From the inbox. It’s always nice to hear we are doing well from time to time. Thank you!!

I actually don’t have a question- just wanted to say thank you and I think the SBPD is doing a GREAT job. I live downtown (near Memorial Hospital) and appreciate the courtesy, professionalism, and dedication of the SBPD officers. The (luckily) few times we have needed to call SBPD for assistance for issues near our home, the officers have been quick to respond and were excellent representatives of the police force. We are grateful to you for doing a tremendous job for not-enough pay, and we appreciate your bravery and dedication! I don’t need a response-just wanted to share our appreciation for and gratitude to all of you.
Best regards,
J & K M.

We try!

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