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Remembering MPD Cpl. Szuba January 11, 2010

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“When an officer dies in the line of duty, it’s a reality of risk they take upon their shoulders each day to make our community safer,” said Rev. Daniel Coffey, Indiana State Police chaplain.

Truer words have never been spoken. A time of loss of an officer makes other officers reflect on their own personal meanings of life and of job and of duty. In spite of the dangers involved, officers routinely go on with their efforts to make our community a little better and a little safer. In addition to having to pay tribute to a fallen officer. It can be challenging.

The law enforcement community is arguably a profession that is scrutinized, reviewed, scorned, and tested more than any other profession, possibly with the exception of a football referee. Officers are called upon to make split second individual decisions that can set into place timing, events, and procedures that can have a dramatic or lasting effect for years to come. Judgement calls made by one individual can also have an effect on the officer, thinking the ‘what if I only…’ for the rest of that officer’s life.

With that said, when an officer dies a tragic untimely death, it leaves not only the officer’s family, but that officers agency/family with a greater loss. Memorials set up outside stations are a small way that the agency can express their sadness and grief and have a way for police supporters to pay their respects and mourn the loss along with the agency.

A public showing of support for the fallen officer and the agency and its loss can go a long way to help that agency heal. Public support and knowing that there are individuals in our society who share the sense of loss makes a real difference. If you get a chance to do so with Mishawaka Police Department Cpl. James Szuba and his K9 partner Ricky, I encourage you to please do so within this week.

Mishawaka Police Department
200 North Church Street
Mishawaka, IN

Please stop by for a moment to thank and reflect on two officers who gave their all, trying to make our world safer.

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