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Quick 3: Ask A Cop.. End of 2009! December 28, 2009

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Q: My husband is a Master Taser instructor and wants to purchase a C2 personal taser for me to carry for protection. We have recently heard that if you live in the city of South Bend that you cannot carry a personal taser. Is this true?

A: Correct. Possession of Stun Guns or Tasers is prohibited within South Bend City limits by city ordinance 14-36, which prohibits possession or ownership of ANY type of stun gun by any person, form or entity. Possession offense fines start at $250.00 for each offense/possession count, and will also result in permanent confiscation of the stun gun.

Q: How does an attorney obtain a recording of a 911 call and dispatch from police records? Phone number or address to place request.

A: Requests for public records re handled by the City’s Legal Department, which performs legal services for the City. The Department does not provide legal advice to members of the public. To request public records, you must fill out an Access to Public Records Request form. The request will be sent to the Legal Department to determine if the records requested are discloseable. Not all requests can be granted, some information is not discloseable under law. More info at our Records page.

Q: I live outside of the city, however can I report a drug dealer now (my husband), even though it was 15 years ago that he was the supplier to a local housing project there in South Bend?

A: This type of offense would by outside of the Statute of Limitations, therefore no action can be taken about this type of offense given the time lapse involved.



1. RmA - December 29, 2009

How you gonna ask if you can report your husband for dealing drugs 15 years later… stop being bitter about something that has nothing to do with him selling drugs. If you didnt care then, then you shouldn’t care now. If you do care that much go and volunteer your time to people with drug problems NOW and do yourself some good and quit wasting a stupid question… we only get 3 a week i believe.

2. Chuck Witham - January 4, 2010

I currently live in south Fla, but was a resident of South Bend until I was 25 yo. I have Family on the SBPD, and also a brother in law enforcement in a small town outside of SB. I have a felony on my record, but was interested in obtaining a taser for mine and my family’s personal protection. Please let me know if I am able, or if there is something I cando. Thank you in advance, Chuck Witham

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